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The Ochre Yellow Jacket

The Ochre Yellow Jacket

Symbolizing the Sun, the color yellow emanates energy, will power and achievement. This ochre yellow jacket speaks of positivity and willingness to succeed in whatever you do. Through its design elements, the jacket portrays gender fluidity prevalent in almost every field of work. This double-breasted jacket makes one stand apart in a crowd with its stunning sharp lines and structured silhouette. Command a notable presence at any formal event with effortless elegance.

The Finer

The Inside Out Pocket

A triangular flap over a double-bone pocket is usually found on the inside lining of a jacket. This pocket is a blend of two distinctive styles – trouser back pocket and the inside pocket of a jacket lining.

The Smart Peak Lapel

All lines of an attire should always be in sync with each other. This accord is wonderfully exemplified by the peak point of the lapel forming a perfect harmony with the pointed pocket flap of the double-bone chest pocket. The gold-leaf lapel pin amongst these simple elements is hard to miss.

The Fashion Fanatic