The Neo Classic
The Ensemble
The neo classic trousers

The Trousers

These trousers are a perfect example of a neo-classic design. A leaf from the past perfectly juxtaposed with the fashion sensibilities of today. The beauty is in the details with many elements from the bygone era of the European sartorial elegance and sophistication.

The Finer
The High Waist Band

The High Waistband

A wide waistband sans belt loops and an equally broad square cut long belt affixed with a button is timelessly vintage. Don’t miss the waistband adjuster and the buckle on the side, which is a staple from yesteryear’s European Fashion.

Bow Tie Round the Club

The elegant grey bow tie with a glossy finish, tied in the club round style knot, adds a classic finish to this formal look of the contemporary fashion fanatic.

Button Bottom

The subtle windowpane checks spell class, while the trouser bottom is accentuated with a placket held in place with a button.