The Royal Affair
The Ensemble
The Jacket

The Jacket

The jacket is made up of a mandarin collar, tailored into a fabric with ornate paisley motifs, which are ethnic and extravagant with soft lines. The mandarin collar is inspired from the royalty of Qing-era China, who employed it as part of their uniform.

The Trousers

The bold Jodhpuri trousers are in itself a statement-making piece of garment that speaks of classic taste, juxtaposed with a flair for royalty. A pair of Jodhpuri trousers adds that much-needed aura to an otherwise regular look. The look certainly speaks highly of one’s sartorial confidence.

The Finer details - Accessories

The Chiseled Pocket Square

Popular since 1390, when King Richard II of England decided to make handkerchiefs an accessory, pocket squares have evolved to become an integral part of the formal look. These seemingly little pieces of fabric are what make a fashion statement strong and the look distinct. This one is folded the chiseled way for just the right amount of balance required to break free from the softer lines of paisley.

The King-At-Heart Lapel Pin

The lapel pin is an arresting decoration that acts as an added layer of personality to your ensemble. Always worn just above the heart on the left, it emboldens the timeless aspects of menswear. We’ve completed this construct with a king’s-crown lapel pin to accentuate the regality of this look.

The Royal Affair