The stylish Islander
The Ensemble
Jacket to the Islanders

Jacket to the Islanders

Stay stylish this winter with this Harris Tweed Jacket that is reminiscent of the earthy ruggedness of the islanders. With a higher button stance and closer-to-form silhouette, this jacket is bound to keep you warm in the winters while exuding a touch of the European class.

The Finer
The Rare Lapel

The Rare Lapel

This notch lapel has a dark brown leather trimming with a button hole on it. The brown adds a touch of masculine charm to the herringbone weave of the jacket. The use of leather adds a Scottish countryside feel to the English look. The brown leather trim can be further teamed up with a pair brown boots if you so desire. The silver key lapel pin delivers a metallic touch alongside the leather trim.

The Inverted Patch Pockets

Inverted box pleats typify winter wear because of the bulk and cozy look that they impart to an otherwise plain patch pocket. Adding a pleat to a pocket also increases room in the pocket bag. In case of a fabric-like tweed, an inverted box pleat gives it an edgy look by affixing a simple yet fashionable element.

The Cravat Scarf

Cravats first got popularized by the Croats, a military unit of mercenaries, hired by the French King Louis XIII in the early 1600s. These mercenaries used colorful pieces of cloth to tie their jackets, the fashion thus was first called - ‘croate’, French for Croatian. The King found this croate to be far more stylish than the ruffled collars worn by the French in those days. In more current times, the cravat has evolved to become a sophisticated way to add that bit of flair to a man's suit. This particular one has a beautiful blend of soft paisley designs lined with a crisp houndstooth pattern to balance the grey tones of this winter jacket.

The Stylish Islander