what pocket do you fit

what pocket do you fit into?

It’s no big secret that the little details can carry you far, the same applies to your wardrobe too. When it comes to the pockets that adorn your attire, every shape and cut has a different, distinct message it carries across, and in some way defines how people will interpret you.

That being said, here are 4 pocket shapes that you can get custom tailored and an insight on what each of these can do for your look!


Certainly, one of the most adventurous styles ever, this adds a distinct textural and visual embellishment to an otherwise standard shirt. Best saved for fabrics like linen, this style of pocket adds a lot of panache and speaks of the wearer’s high level of confidence when it comes to trying out new style elements.


If you’re going for a no-nonsense clean-cut look, this is the pocket for you. Nothing says straight to the point like the clean definition and sharp edges of a square pocket.


This is a slight deviation from a classic look. This cut offers the wearer the ability to carry an otherwise conventional shirt with that extra dose of style without being too oppressive.


Bordering on Smart Casual, the round edge pocket shape is ideal for a Friday dressing shirt, in a fabric that is more casual and dramatic, fitting in with any sort of prints, both abstract and geometric. However, this shape does not complement men who are on the heavier side as it resonates the overall silhouette of the body more instead of camouflaging it.